Edakkal Caves : The art work of our ancestors

If you are an art lover do not miss out Edakkal caves while visiting Wayanad. Edakkal cave is a captivating prehistoric cave located near Sulthan Bathery. The excellent rock engravings found on the cave walls have drawn attention of worldwide historians and archaeologists. Edakkal caves comprise of three distinct sets of petroglyphs. Archeologists suggest that these cave etchings date back to at least 5000 years. Edakkal caves have been inhabited at various historic stages.

In Malayalam, Edakkal literally refers to “a stone in between”. The term Edakkal is used to denote how the cave is formed in a fissure in the rock. There are two levels in the inner portion of the Edakkal cave. The lower chamber measures eighteen feet long, twelve feet wide and 10 feet high. The lower chamber can be entered through a 5 x 4 feet opening. A passage leads upward through which one climbs to next storey measuring 96 feet long, 18 feet high, and , 22 feet wide. The sunlight enters the Edakkal cave through a big fissure giving natural day light to the dark cave interiors.

Similar cave drawings, considered to be 7000 years old, are found only in Stiriya in the European Alps and a few rocky places in Africa. The caves, which are found around 10 km from Sultan Bathery, are two natural rock formations believed to have been formed by a large split in a huge rock.

Some consider the carvings as handiwork of Kurumbars tribes of Wayanad. This cave is indeed an archaeological treasure with undiscovered historic facts. This cave is also an excellent trekking spot. Edakkal cave in Sulthan Bathery is an excellent historic treasure which is yet to be completely explored.

How to reach
Nearest railway station: Kozhikode Railway Station about 97 km from Sultan Bathery.
Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport about 23 km from Kozhikode. 

Kuruva Islands : A walk through Nature

Kuruva Island is a beautiful tourist spot located in the heavenly Wayanad in Kerala. Situated in the Kabana River tributary, Kuruva Island is a gift of nature to Wayanad tourists. You are astounded by the calm and gorgeous ambience prevailing in the place. The vast stretch of evergreen forests in the surroundings present a great getaway. Kuruva Island is separated from other spots but houses a number of rare birds, orchids and herbs. Kuruva Island is at a distance of seventeen kilometers from Mananthavady.

With a total area of 950 acres Kuruva Island is plentifully rich with green woods. Far from the maddening city crowds lies this calm and beautiful island presenting an excellent atmosphere for tourists to relax and rejuvenate their mind and soul. This island is also referred as Kuruvadweep.

Kuruva Islands are uninhabited and is situated in the middle of Kabani River. Kuruva Island offers a small and undisturbed forest which is suitable for a relaxing tour. The local population inhabiting the surroundings of Kuruva Island preserves the island and guides the tourists about responsible tourism.

The major recreational activity that could be carried out in this island is a relaxing walk enjoying the nature’s beauty. It is essential to note that as a part of eco tourism, partying, or picnic is not allowed in the island. But you can always enjoy the pure natural environment prevailing in this island near Mananthavady. This island is a best sample for a natural rainforest.  You can also take a guided tour of this island, with the help of local guide arranged by the authorities.

Travel Tips
To reach the island we have to cross a small stream by foot. Ferry service is available to reach the island but could not get one to reach there since it is so crowded. Water level in the river was very low we crossed the river by foot to and fro. It will make your journey bit adventurous(like a mini trekking). 

Kuruva island or Dweep is consists of group of islands inside Kabini river and covers an area of about 950 acres of ever green dense forest. Nothing so specific over there in the island except you and the chirping sound of the birds. If you want you can just roam around the island but leave the island before 4.30 PM. Tree top huts are available on a rent for Rs. 750/- Island has a entry fee of Rs. 10/- per each person.

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